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Boxhead The Zombie Wars

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Compared to its predecessors, it has been developed to give a better and more graphical game to ensure the gamers have an amazing gaming time. Since its development, it has proven to be a personal favorite to many. Well, for many males considering that the game is not loveable by most of the females. The game comes with more additional guns to aid your battle in the zombie wars. For instance, there are turrets, rattling guns and air strikes. In addition to these, you would not fail to find a pistol, a shotgun and a barrel among others that form your defense mechanisms during the game. Just like any other boxhead games, the key thing is getting a higher score. The only other difference of boxhead the zombie heads is the fact that there are new zombies. The additional zombies are rush zombie, stone zombie and mummy zombie. Wish you a good pastime.

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