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Boxhead The Rooms

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Would you play a zombie attack game if it had only the best moments? If you are a genre lover, you would surely do and the “Boxhead The Rooms” online flash game is exactly for you. All needed in this game is to survive the waves of constantly coming zombies, kill them and get point for your heroic actions. You have a choice of five different rooms to prove your weapon mastery abilities. In total there are 8 types of weapons, starting with barrels to pistols and shotguns. Kill hordes of zombies, find best combinations to show your gaming skills, compete with your friends and collect as many points you can to prove that you are the best. You will need all of your reflexes and action gaming abilities no to get caught. Are you ready for such test? If yes, try it and you will obviously have fun! All in all, this has been a boxhead type to give you some adrenaline rush.

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