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Boxhead Bambo And Binny

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Help Bambo and Binny with their quest of shooting those ugly monsters and zombies down. The game is fun and will surely entertain you with the wide variety of awesome weapons to choose from. To unlock more battlefields, characters and sets of weapon, kill all the bad guys and monsters that you will see around. Kill as many monsters and zombies with one shot to increase the multiplier. The multiplier will give you more boins. These boins will help you upgrade your weapons and more awesome weapons await you as you go further. But you better be quick because these boins will not last long. You can control Boxhead the nightmare through the arrow keys or with W, A, S, D keys in the keyboard. Looking around the field can be done through the movement of the mouse and shooting is through the left mouse button. You can choose different weapons by pressing the number keys in the alpha numeric keyboard. All keys are customizable in the front end with a config button on top. Wish good pastime at our site, here you are able to find all versions of popular game Boxhead. Fight with a numerous amount of zombies, defend your territories, collect experience to get more points.

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