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Boxhead 2

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Boxhead 2 is a zombie shooter game that consists of multi-player functionality. Among the Boxhead series, Boxhead 2 is the first one that allows for multi-player functionality.This shooter game has a top-down view. All the characters are keyboard controlled. The two players can play together against the zombies or one player can be the enemy. The two players need to gun down the zombies as they appear in waves. The game consists of various levels. There are boxes with ammo and exploding barrels on each level. When players team up against the zombies, their fire power doubles and a whole new style of the game opens up. I order to pick up the ammo boxes, the players need only to walk on top of them. As the players continue defeating more waves on each level, they are availed with more guns. The guns get upgraded as the player’s multiplier gets higher. The players are provided with ten different weapons in total.Before starting a game, the player can always change the game difficulty in the options tab. Changing the game difficulty increases the speed of the zombies and their rate of appearance. This is a benefit to the player since the faster the zombies appear the faster the player will kill them and acquire upgrades. There are various options in the options tab. The player can adjust the appearance of the devils and toggle to a 2 player friendly fire.This game has three modes. Single player, Cooperative, and Death match. The single player mode is just like the previous of the box head series games whereby it is the player against the zombies. Cooperative mode is whereby two players team up and fight against the zombies. The Death Match mode is where two players fight against one another. Both players have to use the same computer since the game does not have multi-player online. The characters playable in the game are four and include Bambo, Bon, Bind and Bert.

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