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Boxhead More Rooms

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This third game in the series of Boxhead games offers more fun to the player with more rooms just like the name suggest. The game gives you eight rooms to choose from and fight zombies without being killed. The more zombies you kill the more upgrades and weapons you get. The red devils are the biggest threat because they shoot right back at you. Use the up, down and right/left arrow keys to move forward, behind and sideways respectively. This movement will help you gain better sight of the zombies and be in a good position to fire and finish off as many as possible. Use the space key to shoot and kill as many zombies as possible while at the same time swaying to avoid being shot by the red devils. The numeral keys, 1 to 0 are the ones for changing the weapons as you the player deems suitable. ā€Pā€ is for pausing the game. Play your favourite flash games all versions for free.

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