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Boxhead Bounty Hunter

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Tired of ordinary shooting games? Try out Boxhead bounty hunter. The game continues one of popular Boxhead games traditions but now with major differences. No more zombies, no time to think or choose easy level, no different difficulty mods. What is left, hardcore shooting against other players who obviously fight much better than slow zombies. Choose different weapons, starting from simple gun to barrels. Don`t let other to take what belongs to you, prove that you deserve bounty and that no one else has the right to think about taking it. In other words, all you need to do is to fight in a level against 12 players and try not to die and kill as many opponents as possible. Show no mercy and prove that you are the best Boxhead to get the bounty you are fighting for. What are you waiting than, fight! All you need is here, full collection of BoxHead are here.

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